The 6 Commandments of the Club – Dancer’s Bible

Club rules and etiquette don’t just apply to customers, there are also some key things every dancer (or prospective dancer) should keep in mind when it comes to their work and their co-workers to ensure everyone has the best experience possible. In the words of Queen Aretha, a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T goes a long way.

1. Thou Shalt Not Grass Cut

If you see a girl spending time with a customer, leave them alone until you know she is finished with them. If possible, pull her aside quietly and confirm that she is done, otherwise observe social cues (if she is speaking to someone else etc.) and if you do accidentally overstep, make sure to apologize and leave them to it

2. Thou Shalt Be Timely

If you book in for a shift, show up on time & be reliable – this will ensure you get preference in future when it comes to booking popular time slots! Due to the high demand of weekend shifts, if you book and no show not only will it result in a fine, but you could be taking away from another girl’s ability to earn some much-needed cash. The lifestyle of stripping may allow a lot more freedom than other careers, but it’s still a job and good work ethic is a must.

3. Cleanliness is Godliness

Ensure all fake tan is freshly washed & deodorant/mints/wipes are used where needed to maintain freshness throughout the night. Dancing can be sweaty work, and personal hygiene is an important part of the territory.

4. Honour Thyself & Thy Appearance

In addition to personal hygiene, take pride in your presentation – you are a goddess worthy of worship so make sure you look like one! This means clean shoes / nice outfits, brushed hair and presentable make up. You are selling a fantasy that some people are willing to pay good money for so make it sparkle.

5. Covet Not Your Neighbour’s Goods

Dressing room etiquette – do not steal or move other people’s belongings even if they are in a common area. We encourage all girls to store their belongings in the lockers provided, but sometimes when the night gets busy things can become less organized. Just because someone’s bag is on the floor isn’t an open invitation to touch it.

6. Thou Shalt Use Manners

You catch more flies with honey – make sure you always thank the customers who tip you, even if they are with another girl by the time you finish your set on stage. Take a second to walk over and say a quick thank-you, coupled with a cheeky “come find me later” to guarantee they will be thinking about you all night.

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