How to Make over $1000 a night

Some of the best tips and advice to make more $$$ every night.

Some nights you’re on fire, other nights you can’t seem to catch a win. Sometimes the hustle comes easy and other times you really have to put in the work. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the best advice to help you up your game and increase your bag!

1. How Much Does a Polar Bear Weigh? Enough to break the ice! It’s important to have an arsenal of ice breakers at your disposal. Open your customer with a compliment (“I noticed you when you came in / I like your glasses”), or challenge them to a friendly match in the games room – if he wins you buy him a drink, if you win he takes you for a dance (win/win for him either way). To avoid getting stuck in small talk, memorize a few unusual/saucy facts to whip out and navigate the convo away from boring “so how’s your night going”.

2. Walk the Walk – When approaching a customer, be sure to always do so from the front. This puts them more at ease than being startled/snuck up on from behind, and allows them ample time to take in and admire aaaaaaall of you

3. Hack the System – Always be aware of your body language, not only does it demonstrate your confidence and sensuality, it can be used as a psychological hack to create a sense of intimacy and affection fast. A simple hand on the arm, a seemingly careless head scratch/neck caress will have your customer feeling connected and engaged with you. Physical Touch is a love language for a reason!

4. Eyes on the Prize – Eye-fucking: THIS IS SO POWERFUL! When you’re performing on stage, choose a target and lock eyes with them, give them a wink, make them feel like the focus of your show. By the time you leave the stage and approach them, the ice is already broken and they’ll be wanting to know your name

5. Shoot Your Shot – Always ask them to take you for a dance, you never know (the guy might be too shy to ask you himself), and you never want to leave a customer thinking you should have asked them or wondering what could have been. Worst case scenario is they say no and you can move on with no regrets

6. Buy More Time – You’ve snagged your customer and have almost finished the lapdance, why not try to get them to extend? “I’d like to stay longer with you… if you’d like” (insert eyelash fluttering at your own discretion) always works a treat, especially if you’ve both been enjoying your time together. It never hurts to ask, or try again later in the night to see if they’ll book again

7. Smile, seriously – most people are attracted to good energy and customers come to the club to escape the misery and boredom of their “real” lives; it’s your job as a dancer to sell them the fantasy! Resting bitch face won’t get you too far in this industry, and you’re more likely to get booked being approachable and flirty (than if your face shows how much you’d rather be in bed)

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