5 Reasons You Should Become A Showgirls Dancer

Showgirls has been a CBD staple for over 23 years now and continues to be the leading strip club in Brisbane. Not only do we have the best location (a stone’s throw away from the most popular hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and more importantly, HJs for those 3 am cravings), but we have also just undergone massive renovations; ensuring our physical image now matches our stellar reputation.

People visit our club for many reasons; to escape from reality and into an adult playground where their wildest fantasies and dreams can come true, for a night out away from the crushing responsibilities of life, to celebrate various milestones, or simply to appreciate our beautiful women.

In this day and age, more and more girls are using stripping as a way to explore their sexuality, increase their confidence (and fitness!) and embrace their inner bad bitch. On top of that, stripping can also be a lucrative way of making bank. Here we explore some of the main reasons you could (and should) become a SG stripper.

Now Hiring Female Strippers In Brisbane

1. Develop Self Confidence And Fall IN LOVE With Your Body As someone who previously struggled to look at myself naked, I was shocked at how my self-confidence improved after just a few weeks in the industry. There is something about seeing yourself in all your lingerie-d glory for the first time that is magical, and it’s scientifically impossible not to feel sexy in 8-inch pleaser heels. Getting on stage for the first time feels like being the star in your own music video, and nothing boosts self-esteem like having multiple customers vying for your attention (and seeing how much they are willing to pay just to spend some one-on-one time with you). Stripping is a unique profession where any body type or image can be successful, it all comes down to the confidence you sell it with. Like the age-old saying goes, you really can fake it until you make it. If you aren’t sure, you can even create your own alter ego – a character who embodies all the traits you wish you could tap into, or that you’ve secretly wanted to experience. Give her a name, a style, a background story – nobody will know any different, as this is your world now and your opportunity to truly be the main character. It’s also a great way to embrace and get in touch with your own sexuality. While there is a very clear distinction between stripping and full-service sex work, you are still selling a fantasy and to do so convincingly, are tapping into your own devious side. Sometimes society can be judgemental or put pressure on girls to be quieter and more reserved, but this is your space to shake off those shackles and live your best life.

2. Be Your Own Boss And Make Bank Stripping is a lifestyle that essentially allows you to work for yourself – you choose what shifts to book in for each week and create your own work schedule. This allows you a unique freedom when it comes to achieving a good work/life balance. Many girls who are studying or juggling other responsibilities find that stripping allows them a better lifestyle than any 9-5 could – not only can you structure your own workweek according to your needs, if you work hard, you can earn double the money in half the time of other professions. By choosing a set number of shifts each week and showing up consistently, you also increase your chances of developing regular clients (and therefore regular income!) who will know when they can find you and will show up accordingly. Stripping can teach you vital life skills such as negotiation, up-selling, as well as how to charm and impress people from all walks of life. If there’s one thing I learned (but probably wouldn’t have believed prior to dancing), it’s that you can always find at least one thing in common with anyone you’re talking to. Not only is this an interesting social experiment to try out, it instantly makes you appear genuine, approachable and enjoyable company to whoever you’re speaking with – which in turn, means they will spend money for the privilege of continuing the conversation. #1 Strip Club In Brisbane, Showgirls Brisbane Australia

3. Increase Your Fitness and Dancing Skills Stripping is a subtle yet fantastic form of exercise and many girls who leave the industry are surprised by how fast their cardio fitness drops after they stop dancing. A common question girls ask before beginning their stripper journey is whether they need to be pole dancing pros before arriving and the answer is no! Pole experience is of course appreciated, but by no means necessary. If you arrive early for your shift in the afternoons, often you’ll have the club to yourself to practise for an hour or so, and many of our more experienced dancers are always happy to share tips and tricks as well. It’s a skill you will be able to develop and perfect on the fly as a new stripper.

4. Be Part of A Girl Gang and Make Friends for Life Showgirls prides itself on hiring the best of the best and creating a work environment that girls want to keep coming back to. If you bring a good attitude, and a willingness to work well with others, you’ll end up with a brand-new girl gang who will have your back as much as you have theirs. Not only are you sharing the same unique experience, you’re also bonding over things that your other friends may not be able to understand or relate to, so it’s nice to have a group around you on the same level, who can support and encourage you! In the time since we have reopened, we have witnessed many beautiful new friendships form and flourish between our girls – from gossiping in the change room as you get ready together, to sweet-talking your customer into booking you and your bestie for a double dance; stripping really is more fun when it’s with your work gal pals.

5. Showgirl Perks Program Our staff and dancers are super important to us, and we want to create an environment that makes our employees feel appreciated and supported. Enter – our new Showgirls perks program! We have partnered up with a huge range of brands and suppliers to get some sweet, sweet discounts for our staff members.

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